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Clear Direction For Business Growth
Welcome to Revenew Sales & Market Development, Inc. 

With over 35 years of combined leadership experience in Consumer Products Sales, Marketing, and Product Development, Revenew is the perfect resource for emerging Product companies looking to find their way in a challenging retail environment.  We work with a wide base of adjunct team members in Sourcing, Product Development, Design, Fulfillment, and Marketing.  As a result, we are able to help your business at any stage in its growth and development.  

Through our work with companies from inception to over $25MM in sales, Revenew brings real world experience from both large and small companies, to your plans and execution.
Growth Planning:

"What gets measured gets done."

Until you understand where you want your business to go, how quickly you want to grow, and the right markets for your product, you risk investing time and money in low return activities.  We can help develop strategies, goals, tactics and metrics that get you on the right path for success.

We can also help you understand all of the financial implications involved in bringing products to market and managing growth.  This allows you to make the right financial decisions for profitable growth.
Sales Execution:

If your product is market-ready, and your organization ready to support growth, Revenew can assist in presenting products to the best retail outlets in the country. 

Whether your target market is in the Mass channel, Catalogs, Specialty Retail, Booksellers, Regional Chains, Gift, or Toy Specialty, we can help.  Through an expansive network of Key Account professionals, we connect great product with solid retailers. 

We also know that there is more to success than simple product placement.  At Revenew, our philosophy is to proactively manage our retail partnerships to insure success year after year.
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