Q: I have a great idea for a product – can Revenew Sales help me bring it to market?

A: We can certainly provide direction based on our knowledge of the market, retail landscape, and successful product categories. Depending on where you are in the development process, we can help steer you in the right direction for next steps.

Q: I want to get my product into Target – can you do that?

A: Retail buyers are savvy professionals and most have a clear picture of what they want to achieve with their assortment each season. That being said, companies like Target are not the ideal proving ground for “new” titles. They will often look for a track record in specialty, or a compelling license, in order to make a commitment. We usually advise a plan for more organic growth but can certainly have that conversation.

Q: We would like Revenew Sales to call on 1 or 2 Key Accounts for us – are you open to that?

A: Of course, we prefer to represent a company across channels and retail outlets; it maximizes our efforts and helps build a cohesive sales campaign. There are instances where it makes sense for us and the vendor to “carve out” a specific account or channel. Let’s talk and see what you are trying to achieve.

Q: We’d like to bring you in for a 1 day strategic session. What do you charge for that?

A: Less than your attorney… Seriously, each session is different and requires a different amount of pre-work and follow up. Our goal is to make sure that the client sees significant value in our time together. Whether creating a high growth sales plan, or preventing you from spending $50,000 in the wrong direction, you’ll find our fee to be reasonable.

Q: What is your commission rate for selling to Key Accounts?

A: That varies. We provide meaningful representation, and work to accelerate the efforts you’ve already made to market your product. If your efforts have resulted in traction and you have easy access to selling tools, the commission rate will be different than if we are “pioneering” or working to overcome bad history at an account. In general, we tell clients to earmark 10% of sales as their sales budget.

Q: As a retail buyer, can Revenew Sales do more for me than just sell me products?

A: As you’ll see on our Product Development page, we have worked with national retailers to create unique products based on their line plan. In addition, we can help as a facilitator of sorts between the retailer and newer vendors, to insure that the vendor has the necessary information to work with you successfully.