We’ve had a number of clients come to us through the recommendation of our retail buyers. Why? Because we help small vendors get “ready for prime time”.

As a buyer, you probably see it all – the good, bad, and ugly. But on occasion, a new vendor comes along with products that are actually pretty compelling. Which is when the thought crosses your mind, “I really don’t want to have to train a new vendor…”. We can help!

Ticketing and Labeling

We know what it takes to get product through your system. We also know our way around a vendor guide. If you come across a new vendor who needs educating, send them our way and we’ll make sure they are up to speed on all the nuances of doing business with a national retailer.

Shipping Requirements

Many smaller / startup vendors don’t take your planogram or warehouse layout into consideration when developing their master carton or pallet configuration. But they should. We can provide guidance that insures great new products hit your shelves with minimal disruption along the way.


Packaging sells, and the right packaging not only moves product but meets all the latest regulations and safety standards. We work with small vendors to make sure that their packaging is retail friendly, and that they are keeping you within conformance of all new regulations.

And don't forget...

For retailers interested in developing their own private label products or promotional/seasonal items, we can also develop and source new concepts in product and packaging. See our Product Development page for more detail.